Unlock Your Potential Astrology Reading

Detailed, personalized, digital reading based on psychological astrology (++), spiritual astrology (+) and human design (+).

Unlock Your Potential Astrology Reading

Detailed, personalized, digital reading based on psychological astrology (++), spiritual astrology (+) and human design (+).

With this professional, accurate reading you will gain detailed insights in your cosmic blueprint and personal potential.

This is not an automated report.

What are your talents? Where does your strength lie? What is your highest potential? And where are possible areas for growth and challenges? Psychological astrology enables a deep analysis of your character structure, your predispositions and your preferences.

From the perspective of the spiritual astrology, were are all born with a special gift and soul mission. What does your soul want to experience in this life? What is your unique talent that might have been rejected in your life? Spiritual astrology provides insight into your soul’s mission and helps you to connect with your unconditioned, pure talents.

Human design is a wonderful system that teaches you HOW you can reach your highest potential. Human design offers you a strategy for making life decisions. How do you find alignment with yourself and the world around you? How do you make important choices? When do you accelerate and when do you need to slow down? Only through sustainable co-creation with the entire universe can you reach your highest potential.

Unlock Your Potential

What does the Unlock Your Potential Reading provide? Using the wisdom of astrology will give you a greater understanding of the unconscious, unconditioned aspects of your personality.

  • More self-awareness, ‘unfiltered’ character analysis.
  • Representation of your talents, strengths and potential.
  • Detailed analysis of the four elements within your character structure.
  • Points of growth, challenges. What needs to be healed to reach your fullest potential?
  • Decision-making strategy.
  • A beautifully crafted report (25-30 pages, PDF).

What can you expect?

Detailed analysis of the elements in your personality. Which element dominates your personality? And which element will you develop more over the course of your life? The elements are four different energy patterns that colour your character. All four elements are part of your character, but in different quantities. Usually, one or two elements are most strongly represented.

Accurate analysis of the strongest planetary positions and aspects in your natal chart. This includes at least the interpretation of the Sun, Moon, Ascendant (Ac), and Medium Coeli (Mc) in sign and house. Interpretation of other planets that are strongly positioned in your natal chart.

Interpretation of Saturn and Chiron in sign and house. You are here to learn, grow and transform. The interpretation of Saturn and Chiron can guide you toward personal wisdom, life purpose and spiritual growth. Saturn and Cheiron represent opportunities to learn, evolve and transform yourself on all levels. Cheiron also represents a wound that might need healing.

Analysis of the most significant aspects in your natal chart. Aspects indicate how planets relate to each other. In this astrology reading I will interpret the strongest aspects in your natal chart because they impact your personality most.

Interpretation of the North Node and Lilith (Black Moon). The North Node and Lilith offer insight into your talents, your soul purpose and growth you need to access in order to reach your fullest potential. Your North Node symbolizes where you are going in this lifetime. Lilith reveals the energy you need to harness in order to fulfill the soul’s mission of the North Node.

Finally, there is an integration with human design. What is your energy type? What is your strategy and authority? Human design will help you to make important decisions. Human design provides you a strategy to navigate energy efficient toward your highest potential.

What do I need?

To analyse your natal chart accurately, I need the following details:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Time of birth
  • Place of birth.

This is not an automated report. You will receive your reading within a maximum of 10 working days.

Please do not forget to mention your name, date of birth, place of birth, and time of birth in the comments of this order or email me at info@evelynprinsen.nl.

Who am I?

I am a life coach, naturopath and certified in astrology and human design. As an astrologer, I was trained in psychological and spiritual astrology. I am also a certified Quantum Human Design Specialist. I also create online courses on holistic health and human design.

For almost twenty years now I have been working with various methods that provide insight into your potential and character (personality tests such as the MBTI®). Astrology is superior when it comes to an unfiltered, raw character analysis. I am happy to share my insights with you!