Conquering Your Quarterlife Crisis

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The practical followup to the acclaimed bestseller In 2001, the groundbreaking book Quarterlife Crisis® addressed the unique and unsettling trials of entering modern adulthood. For the first time, it identified how twentysomethings were lost and confused, and lamented the absence of a guide-a roadmap with solutions for how to emerge from the crisis successful, happy, and sane. Now, the author of Quarterlife Crisis® delivers that roadmap.

Alexandra Robbins goes beyond defining the problem of the quarterlife crisis and puts readers on the path to conquering it. She asks-and answers-the tough, soul-searching questions that keep young adults awake at night: – How do I weigh doing what I love versus making money? – Will I ever find my “”soul mate””? – Why is it so hard to make friends? – Why are my twenties so different from what I expected? With new voices as well as follow-up interviews with some of the original Quarterlife Crisis® twentysomethings, Conquering Your Quarterlife Crisis® is the new go-to guide for people who want it all…but just aren’t sure what that is yet.

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